Custom Homes, Handcrafted For You

There’s nothing quite like breaking ground on a brand new home. But when you choose to build a custom home in East Texas, you have to know that you’re partnering with a dedicated crew of experienced home builders.

When you choose Skip Ogle as your custom home construction contractor, you’re getting exactly that – a 15 year history of designing and building unique, boutique custom homes for clients throughout the East Texas region.

Over the years, Skip Ogle has helped his clients build homes that must be seen to be believed, with modern, contemporary, and traditional styles that fit the specific tastes and aesthetic personalities of their owners. Everything in your custom home’s exterior and interior are custom designed from top to bottom. On the inside, every fixture, surface, or other design element is handcrafted locally by talented craftsmen. That’s how you can know for certain that your new home is uniquely yours.

If it’s time to design your new custom home in East Texas, you know that every dollar counts. That’s why Skip Ogle is committed to working within your budget, no matter the size, to help you create a new custom home for you and your family that meets your every need.

Contact Skip Ogle today to learn more about the custom home building process and how he can help you build the ideal home for your ideal life.